Thursday, August 1, 2013

Would You Have Survived?

           The longest game in women’s lacrosse tournament history was held Sunday May 26th between the UNC Tarheels and the Maryland Terps.  The Terps were looking to secure their 11th national championship while the 18 year old Tarheels team was looking for their first national championship to add to the schools collection.  At half time the Tarheels lead the game but the Terps quickly rallied back and scored 5 goals.  Regulation ended with an opportunity for Maryland to win, but lost control in the last 10 seconds. 

            Two overtimes later the score was still 12-12, and the pressure was now on Wards, goalie for the Tarheels.  She knew she had to come up with a big save when a Maryland attacker had a point blank shot.  A fantastic save and quick clear got the ball moving down the field for UNC. Teammate Coppa carried the ball up the field until she found and passed to her teammate Tracy who then let the ball rip into the net.  Just like she had practiced, she watched a dream come true as the ball sailed past the Terp goalie and the UNC Lady Tarheel’s were officially brining home their first national championship.

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